Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can #8: Sorry Readers, I'm Using a Baby to Distract From My Negative Post!

Some parts of your life are okay. It is hard to get a fix on what the sum total is sometimes, because everything is always changing in different ways, with weird, different velocities.

My tuna life is always alright, although I do not like it when it comes up in the other parts of my life, the ones that are always falling apart at different and interesting velocities.

But tuna is always fairly consistent, even past it's prime, like, uh, something that compares well with it.

Most of my life is lived in my head, and, honestly, not much goes on there either. Some of you, perhaps almost old enough to be me, may have once lived this way. Probably during your teens, before your real-life started happening.

VAL2E 1ZSWG 09:53 best by Aug 20 2009
Tuna sandwich, the usual. I had some of those peppers from the dollar store, some horseradish (thanks, Dave!) and uh, some of those vidalia onions in a jar my mom got me about ten years ago. Good sandwich...good sandwich.

Oh, so whatever, right. I live in my apartment most of the time. I have lived here for over 18 years, and it's a studio. Can you imagine? The tales these walls could tell!

Nothing really.

That is all, Dear Readers, please enjoy the baby until next time.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can # = 7

Can #...what, 7? More than halfway through the adventure. VAL2E 1ZSWG 09:46 best by AUG 20 2009.

More than halfway through this adventure, and so what? This tuna isn't bad. It's delicious! So what that my heiny never came back from it's once healthy glean. So what that one of my backsides is always full of ache, and that I'm reminded with every step I take that my time is coming to an end. Yes, just like this tuna blog, which is finite, so am I. That makes this tuna blog a metaphor for life, doesn't it. And that, my friends, makes it literarily valid. It makes my butt something too, literarily, but I don't know what. The point is, that it is not the tuna's fault, although it would be great if it was because that would be better.

Wait, let us talk about tuna with no transition. I had a sandwich and it was good. I had the same thing I had before, because I'm not even trying anymore. Although everything around me is telling me to stop living in hope, the dollar stores around where I live have had a huge influx of jarred jalapenos and banana peppers and chilies. And that, my friends is what is keeping me going. Even if I have only a little heel of bread to put it on. Remember, my friends, what came before that last little heel of bread, a whole loaf of bread.