Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When Luther Monday Says Samich: You Say How High!

can #10: VAL2E 1ZSWG 09:52
best by Aug 20 2009

When you picture me, picture me like this. A lonely sandwich man with a lonely tuna sandwich on a wicked rainy Tuesday.

Look at me, looking out the window. All my friends have families and responsibilities. Or jobs that keep them busy. But not me, I am all lonely and alone, no one to play with, plus it's raining. And, I'm still smarting from going to work last night, only to realize that it was MLK Day. MLK! Some of my students showed up, too. They followed their fearless leader.

Nothing but a lonely, lonely tuna sandwich to look forward to.

But, wait! This is no ordinary tuna sandwich. It's a samich! This is according to Luther Monday, great songwriter, singer and musician. Plus, the harmonica! If Luther says to put pineapple in your risky tuna sandwich and call it samich. You do it! You do it if you've heard him sing or play, or if you've met him in any sort of way. You do it.

And then, of course, Luther's right. Listen to your friends, my friends, and eat whatever kind of tuna sandwich they say.

Your day, however rainy it is, will be better. Better. Better. You'll still be old, and alone, with nary a future in sight. But, the samich....the samich...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009

Can #9 (this may be a miscount) VAL2E 1ZSWG 09:59 best by Aug 2009

I ran, like, in running, and in that I conquered. I ate better, and also worse. I stopped drinking. I also started. I stopped drinking. I also drank consistently.

I put my musical albatross behind me.

I put myself on the line a little, musically, and put together a super-group. I thought every one of the individual members would say no but they all said yes. They are now waiting for me to write some *ahem* songs.

I got several jobs, none of which I am very good at. None of which have any way to be promoted, or to make more money. I cannot see, or figure out, my future. I was introduced, at 46, to the grind.

I borrowed thousands and thousands of dollars and paid almost all of it back. If you do the math, I think, the numbers come out even, but I am several months behind myself.

I got my teeth and feet fixed, and least good enough to chew and run. I found that I was, in general, healthy. I had eleven years of anxiety about it. I was, all in all, okay with being healthy.

I realized that I'd like to be a writer or a songwriter, but barring that, all I'm really interested in, is knowing all about, and listening to all kinds of music. It is the only real education I want. And thanks to the San Francisco Public Library, I was able to listen to all sorts of stuff, week after week, in 2009.

Some people gave me a chance. Some people rolled the dice on this kid. I have not thrilled them. But so far, they seem to still be backing me. It has been awesome and nerve-racking.

I became friends with little kids. I "sat" them. This means that people trust me more than I trust myself. Same with some cats.

I got mature enough where a could grow a beard pretty quick, but by now it comes out almost all white. *Sigh* It is always something.

I tried to become a better person. I listened to, and took peoples' advice, but, as it turns out, I was too slow to learn.

I was told not to live in hope and I didn't, but I still got totally accused of it.

I wrote a couple of things, and ate some tuna (please see picture of sandwich above).

I watched every football game I could this year. I do not know much about it. Except that almost every game is depressing at the end, because there is some amount of time where you are just playing the game, even though there is no hope of coming out ahead.

Goodbye 2009. We are through.

There is still tuna left, and so I turn to you, 2010.